Foreign Exchange

When sending money abroad, it’s always good to know the best options available. LiX FX are specialists in providing fast and efficient foreign exchange solutions for businesses and private individuals.


Spot rate

Buying currency at current rates

If you need to make an immediate lump sum payment such as a deposit, this is the service for you. Known as a ‘spot trade’, it allows you to purchase and transfer funds to most countries on the same day. If the funds are sent onto a third party, then this payment becomes an invoice payment or money remittance.


Use current rates to secure funds for a future date

This option is fantastic for property buyers who need to stage payments and want the peace of mind that no matter what happens in the currency market, the value of their financial commitment won’t change. Known as a ‘forward contract’, it allows you to use the current rate to secure forward for a date in the future.

Market order

Buying currency at a pre-arranged rate of exchange

This option is particularly helpful for people who need a particular rate of exchange in order to make the transaction viable. The market order allows you to designate a rate that you’re willing to wait for; when the market achieves that rate, the currency is immediately purchased on your behalf. This means you can save money and use market fluctuations to your advantage.


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Affiliates & partners

At LiX FX we understand that referrals are a very valuable commodity, and we are always looking to suitably reward any company who provides us with clients. Our superior rates and market leading service have helped us forge long-lasting relationships with companies whom we are now proud to call friends.

Our company is built on the power of referrals provided by a network of affiliates. Our affiliate program offers you an opportunity to generate profits by referring customers to us. Not only will your clients save money by using our service, but you will also streamline your payment systems and earn some payment incentives for yourself.

If you are in a business that has clients that may require foreign exchange, or even if you just have a friend who might be able to use our service, please let us know; fill in our contact form and we can discuss how you can start making money.